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Engineering Superpowers.

Join our Early Adopter Community

Build and share your solutions for the building industry. Invite your team to use & benefit from your solutions. Packhunt is Grasshopper-native. That means anyone can build their tools, without prior coding knowledge.

Pay for what you use.

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Build and share your automated workflows

What can you do now on Packhunt?

  • Communication - share design options with colleagues and during meetings with clients.

  • Quality control - automate and standardise common calculations within your company.

  • Reduce errors - visualise calculation inputs and results as an easy check.

How do I get access?

Simply sign up to our Early Adopter Program and we will  contact you as soon as possible. In the Early Adopter Program we will give groups access with similar interests during the next few months. Early adopters will have the possibility to influence our releases integrations and test the platform for free.

About Packhunt

Packhunt is a fully scalable, cloud-native, online platform to build your own solutions and digital customer experiences around 3D parametric models and Digital Twins.


The early adopter program is a community of builders and innovators, who, like us, believe the building industry can work in a much smarter way and are taking steps to make it a reality.

What is the Early Adopters Program?

What to expect from the Early Adopters Program?

  • Sign up for free

  • We will contact your for a quick onboarding

  • Build smart solutions with Grasshopper for the building industry

  • No coding knowledge required

  • Invite your team to use & benefit from your solutions


But did you know that you can build much more advanced solutions with Packhunt?

Take a look at some examples of what our customers have built with Packhunt:


Below you can get a taste of what is possible with Packhunt. In this example we have built a simple beam connection configurator. Go ahead, play around with it.

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